Metric Description
ca Afferent coupling : Number of classes affected by this class
bugs Number of estimated bugs by file (Halstead metric)
commw Comment weight measure the ratio between logical code and comments
cc Cyclomatic complexity number measures the number of linearly independent paths through a program's source code
dc Data Complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
diff Difficulty of the code (Halstead metric)
ce Efferent coupling : Number of classes that the class depend
effort Effort to understand the code (Halstead metric)
instability Ratio between ce and ca (I = ce / (ce + ca). Indicates the class's resilience to change
IC Intelligent content
lcom Lack of cohesion of methods measures the cohesiveness of a class
length Length (Halstead metric)
loc Number of lines of code
lloc Number of logical lines of code
MI Maintenability index is based on Halstead's metrics, LOC and Cyclomatic complexity number
MIwC Maintenability Index without comments
distance Myer's distance is derivated from Cyclomatic complexity
interval Myer's interval indicates the distance between cyclomatic complexity number and the number of operators
noc Number of classes
noca Number of abstract classes
nocc Number of concrete classes
operators Number of operators
rdc Relative data complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
rsc Relative structural complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
rsysc Relative System complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
sc System complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
sysc Total System complexity (Card and Agresti metric)
time Time to read and understand the code (Halstead metric)
vocabulary Vocabulary used in code (Halstead metric)
volume Volume (Halstead metric)